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Our body converts some of the carotenoids we ingest into vitamin A. Some people convert a greater amount of carotenoids into vitamin A.

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ALPL and NBPF3 Low vitamin B6 levels are due to fast clearance
BCMO1 and NBPF3 Carotenoid metabolism plays a role in the uptake of macular pigments Lutein and Zeaxanthin.
CYP4F2 Impaired vitamin K metabolism could mean higher circulating levels of vitamin K
Decreased function Same recommendation as for the typical group. Also you must be extra careful because you are at a higher risk of blood clot formation.
Fast clearance Same recommendation as for the normal group, but you should be more consistent with your B6 intake and don't skip days.
GC Vitamin D serum concentrations
High Concentrations Same recommendation as for the normal group.
High conversion efficiency Because vitamin A consists of multiple compounds, it complicates the supplementation, as there are many factors to consider. There are two groups of vitamin A compounds. The first group includes carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin that come from plants. The second group comes from animal sources contains retinol. All the compounds are essential, but we can convert some of the carotenoids into retinol, which allows us to survive on a plant-based diet. Research shows that our genes control this process, and some people are less efficient at making the conversion.

If your diet is rich in carotenoids and you drink carrot juice at least once a week, you probably will not benefit from additional carotenoid supplementation. But it will not harm you if you do choose to take a carotenoid supplement.
Retinol supplementation can cause harm. You can suffer irreversible liver damage if you take more than your body needs.

AcuCellDNA's recommendation is to supplement a few times a week with a @@bluebonnetnutrition /product/d-salina-beta-carotene-25000-iu-90-softgels/" beta-carotene supplement that contains lutein and zeaxanthin.

When choosing a retinol supplement, make sure that it comes from fish oil. AcuCellDNA's recommendation is not to exceed the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) of 3,000 IU per day. It means that you cannot take the whole soft gel at once because it contains 10,000 IU.

How to take: Make a small hole in the @@bluebonnetnutrition /product/vitamin-a-10-000-iu-100-softgels/" vitamin A soft gel using a toothpick. There are five drops inside, each equivalent to 2,000 IU. Squeeze one or two drops onto a fatty food you are about to eat. The decision of whether to have one or two drops depends on many factors. Look at your diet and DNA analysis to determine whether you need the second drop. ®
Low conversion efficiency Even if your diet is high in carotenoids, it is recommended that you have at least one drop of vitamin A when you think that you are not consuming enough from food.
Low efficiency in processing folic acid Same recommendation as for the normal group, but you must be extra careful and watch out for folic acid.
Low levels Same recommendation as for the normal group, but you should try a selenium supplement because you may need it more than others.
Low vitamin D Same recommendation as for the normal group. However, failure to supplement will affect you more severely than the normal group.
MTHFR Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is a key enzyme in the metabolism of folate
Normal clearance Inadequate intake of vitamin B6 results in tiredness and foggy mental function. Both fast clearance and normal clearance groups should supplement with the same amount of vitamin B6. If you are in the fast clearance group, it doesn't mean that you need to have more vitamin B6 than in the normal group.

The most important thing to remember about vitamin B6 is that it is highly toxic, even at doses as low as 100 milligrams a day. There are many reports about people suffering irreversible nerve damage when consuming 100 milligrams or more of vitamin B6 a day, even over periods as short as a few weeks.

AcuCellDNA's recommendation for both groups is to consume 5 milligrams per day. My personal experience is that 10 milligrams a day is already too high and will result in unpleasant sensations.

How to take: Take a 250ml glass bottle filled with water and throw a @@solgar /products/vitamin-b6-25-mg-tablets/" 25mg vitamin B6 pill inside, and wait until it is fully dissolved. Drink 50ml daily with food. Store the bottle in the fridge. ®
Normal Concentrations Studies show that supplementing with 200+ milligrams of vitamin C a day negatively affects the stomach lining. Also, high vitamin C plasma concentrations can negatively affect your health.

AcuCellDNA's recommendation is to get your vitamin C from fruits. If you are not getting enough and want to take a vitamin C supplement, limit your daily dose to 100 milligrams of @@solgar /products/vitamin-c-crystals/" L-Ascorbic Acid.

How to take: Weigh out 100 milligrams of L-ascorbic acid using a milligram scale. It is essential to have a scale precise to 0.001/gram—a 0.01/gram scale will not work.
Drink it with water and a little sugar. ®
Normal efficiency in processing folic acid Vitamin B9, a.k.a. folate or folic acid, is one of the very few vitamins the medical community recommends supplementing with. All women with the potential to get pregnant should supplement with vitamin B9 before and after getting pregnant to ensure a healthy child. In my opinion, this proves that most men and women are marginally low in vitamin B9, because otherwise there wouldn’t be the need for general supplementation by all women to have a healthy birth. As a species, we should not depend on a pill from a pharmacy for our reproduction. But we do, and this should be a red flag to us all.

When we take folic acid, it gets converted to folate inside our bodies. Studies show how some of our bodies are less efficient at performing this conversion process. Regardless of which group you are in, supplementing with folate is advised since it removes the need for the conversion process to take place.

AcuCellDNA's recommendation is to alternate daily between the two types of folate. One day take @@solgar /products/folate-666-mcg-dfe-metafolin-400-mcg-tablets/" L-methylfolate and the other day take @@sourcenaturals /products/GP1872/" calcium folinate. Folate will increase your energy, so if you feel over-stimulated, try having some days off. ®
Normal levels Selenium is a trace element found in our food. It is also available as a supplement in multiple forms. The question of whether or not you are getting enough is practically impossible to answer. The only way to find out is to take a selenium supplement and see if your wellbeing improves.

Most selenium supplements on the market contain L-selenomethionine or organically bound selenium yeast. My personal experience with these is very negative, and I classify them as toxic due to the ill effects they produced.

AcuCellDNA's recommendation is to supplement with selenium glycinate.

How to take: A @@futurebiotics /products/selenium-200-mcg-immune-support-100-capsules" selenium glycinate capsule of 200 milligrams will make you feel unwell as it’s an extremely high dose. The idea is to start with 20 milligrams a day and gradually increase the dosage. Fill a 250-milliliter glass bottle with water and empty the selenium capsule into it. Measure out 25 milliliters and drink it alongside food. Pay attention to how you feel during the day. The next day, measure 50 milliliters. It will give you a dose of 40 milligrams of selenium. You can then increase the dosage in increments of 20 milligrams until you reach the point when you feel the effect.
I was able to take 100 milligrams a day, and it was more than enough. After you reach the maximum dose, reverse the process by decreasing the dosage. Once your body is full of selenium, you will need less of it. ®
Normal vitamin D Vitamin D supplementation is paramount. No matter what food you eat or how much time you spend under the tropical sun, you will remain functionally deficient if you are not using a vitamin D supplement. The deficiency is regardless of age, gender, or race. Even if your blood work shows you are within the lower-normal range, you will not function to your full potential unless you supplement. Vitamin D is the precursor of hormones such as testosterone, and studies have shown an increase in testosterone levels after supplementation.

The medical belief is that it takes several months for vitamin D supplements to start working. However, my personal experience is that the effects begin within hours after beginning supplementation.

Vitamin D supplementation will correct your hormone levels, leading to notable changes in your behavior. For some, the testosterone increase may cause feelings of anger and restlessness, but this should go away with time once your body has adjusted to the new levels.

AcuCellDNA's recommendation for both groups is to supplement every other day with @@bluebonnetnutrition /product/vitamin-d3-2000-iu-100-softgels/" 2000 IU taken with food.
Note that there are two types of vitamin D products on the market. The majority of the products are from sheep wool wax (lanolin). I recommend consuming vitamin D extracted from fish liver oil. ®
rs11645428 AA
rs11645428 GG
rs1256335 AA
rs1256335 GG
rs1801133 AA
rs1801133 GG
rs2108622 CC
rs2108622 TT
rs2282679 GG
rs2282679 TT
rs4654748 CC
rs4654748 TT
rs5845 AA
rs5845 GG
rs6133175 AA
rs6133175 GG
rs6420424 AA
rs6420424 GG
rs6564851 GG
rs6564851 TT
rs7579 CC
rs7579 TT
SEP15 and SEPP1 Selenium nutritional status
SLC23A2 Plasma vitamin C concentrations
Typical function Vitamin K regulates calcium metabolism and prevents soft-tissue calcification. Vascular calcification is a pathological process whereby the blood vessels lose elasticity due to calcium accumulation. It is a common problem that develops as we age, whereas inadequate intake of vitamin K further accelerates this process.

However, food sources of vitamin K are limited, and this increases the risk of deficiency. It stands to reason that adding a vitamin K supplement to your diet is recommended, but it is also highly problematic.

The problem with vitamin K supplementation is that it increases blood coagulation. The blood becomes less fluid and more likely to clot, and blood clot formation increases your risk of having a stroke.

It makes no difference in which function group you are. Supplementing with vitamin K will quickly lead to blood coagulation. Blood coagulation can increase beyond the optimal levels within just days of starting supplementing.

Another problem is that it is almost impossible to know whether you have taken too much vitamin K, as you would have to do a blood coagulation test every few days.

To reduce the risk of increased coagulation, you need to consume an adequate amount of vitamin E, which possesses anticoagulant properties. It is problematic to recommend vitamin E supplementation, because of associated adverse effects, especially at the high doses commonly used by the supplements industry. Also, it is impossible to determine the needed ratio between vitamin D and E, to maintain normal coagulation. AcuCellDNA recommends consuming vitamin E in ranges of 100 IU per day.

AcuCellDNA's recommendation is to take a @@nowfoods /supplements/mk-7-vitamin-k-2-100-mcg-veg-capsules" vitamin K supplement once or twice per week. But you must somehow monitor yourself for symptoms of reduced blood circulation and pause the supplementation when this happens.
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